Saturday, May 19, 2012

My work life has been quite stressful over the past few weeks. We have been down two people who have been out on extended medical leave, and I have been pulled in to help take up the slack.

This at a time when we have been gearing up for our big (two-day) almost-annual conference.  It's been crazy, and I've had to wear multiple hats to see everything through.

It's been tough, but I have been managing. I credit yoga for that. Throughout this stressful time, I have come to depend on my yoga practice to ground and support me. 

A lovely heart-opening sequence in the morning helps prepare me to better handle the stressed emotions of my coworkers when they look to me for guidance.

Core-strengthening poses to give me much needed energy and willpower.

A quieter, deeper hip-opening practice in the evening helps shift those emotions that so easily get locked tight in my hips and back, so I can relax and sleep.

And my classes. Bless my students for buoying me up, even when they weren't aware of it. Their joy and openness for the practices of yoga and meditation can turn a difficult day into a lovely evening. 

One more week, and then the conference will be over. And you bet I will be doing some yoga this week to see me through!