Friday, January 13, 2012

Intentions for 2012

One area of yoga practice that I frankly usually forget to do, but am trying to get better at, is setting an intention for the day's practice. I used to do this regularly years ago, but as time went on I have let the habit slip. An intention for yoga practice is something you contemplate at the beginning of your practice, as you center yourself. It could be a physical intention for your yoga, like staying with the breath, or relaxation. Or the intention could be something you want in your life, like love, or joy, or peace. Recently I have read about a format for an intention that I particularly like: “I let go of _______ and embrace ________.” I like this because we all both carry things we would like to be rid of, and at the same time desire to bring new things into our lives. I like it also because how can we make room for the new if we don’t make room by clearing out the old? I decided that, this year, instead of a resolution or goal for New Years, I would set an intention for the new year. I did lot of thinking about what intentions I wanted to make for the new year. On New Years Eve day, I made two lists. One list of the things that I want to invite and embrace in my life, and one of things I am willing to let go of. I want to embrace: Expansion Possibility Ease Joy Freedom Enjoying being where I am right now Letting My Light Shine To make room for those, I am willing to release: Impatience Worry Resentment Struggle Hiding Attachment to outcome Basically, I think it all boils down to this: I intend to let go of tension, and embrace expansion and surrender.