Thursday, December 15, 2011

Looking forward to January's classes

My yoga class has been cancelled for the month of December because the Pearls of Wisdom bookstore rightly needs the space for managing the Christmas stock. :-) After two weeks of no classes I am finding that I miss the class greatly. I find myself poring over my yoga books and scouring yoga videos for ideas for new sequences to try. ;-)

You know, I am so proud of my yoga students in the month we have worked together so far!  When I first started teaching these two ladies a month ago, one of my students, a woman in late middle age who had never taken yoga classes before, thought herself very inflexible. But she came to class with a wonderful “I’ll give it a try” attitude and a joyful smile.

Just four weeks later, she says she feels much more flexible and is pleased at how much she is able to do. She feels more confident in getting up from the floor (something that had been an issue for her), and also reports greater flexibility in her neck, another problem area. I can tell myself, just by watching this woman in class, that she has greater awareness of what her body is doing and more sureness in the movements.

During our last class together before the break, I worked them harder than I have before. It was a post-Thanksgiving detox to flush out toxins and get the digestion moving. We didn’t do sun salutations, but we did move faster than we have before, generating a fair amount of internal heat in the process. We were all feeling the workout, but they held their own and kept up with me. I was so proud of how far we’ve come: them as students and me as a teacher. It was a great class!

I am looking forward to practicing yoga with them again next year. I can’t wait to see where we’ll go.